How Long Does It Take To Transform Your Body?

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We’ve all seen those before and after photos in the magazines. A woman decides to make a serious change and loses 10, 20 or even 50+ kilos in a short period of time. These transformations are almost addictive to look at because you imagine what could happen if you did the same.

But how long does it really take to transform your body? As a personal trainer, I’ve seen many transformations. So I thought it was time to address the time it takes to make a significant transformation.

The answer you knew was coming but didn’t want to hear

It really depends on the person. It can depend on where you start, where you want to get to, how much time you have to commit, and if you have any other complicating factors. 


A woman with 10kg to lose who can commit to 3 weekly PT sessions and is good at sticking to her nutrition plan might see progress quickly. But a woman with 10kg to lose who has 3 kids, has been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and can only commit to one exercise session per week might be waiting for a couple of months before seeing results.

That being said, I have seen clients who have dropped up to 2kg in 3 weeks with my Blitz program. For longer-term goals, I’ve had clients that have seen significant improvements in tone and definition in a 12-week program


What is your end goal?

One thing I always think about with the people that see rapid transformations is ‘have they thought about their end goal?’ Or have they just been focused in on hitting a specific goal, with little thought to the long term?

So whenever someone comes to me with big health and fitness goals, I will ask them what their end goal is. Is it to always be in a calorie deficit and training daily? Or is to have a life you enjoy while maintaining the body you feel comfortable in?

If your end goal is to have a sustainable lifestyle, ice-cream and chocolate aren’t the ends of the world. What you want to do is find the balance between enjoying those foods and not going overboard with them.

Everybody and everybody is different

Weight loss and replacing fat with muscle can vary from person to person. Some clients might only lose 100g a week, and some lose up to 1kg a week. 

But even if you’re only losing 100g a week, that still comes to 5.2kg over the year! A 5kg drop can be one or even two dress sizes for many women.

So how can you transform your body in a short amount of time? Well, you can’t guarantee you will. There are no safe and sustainable quick fixes. 

Instead, it’s about being consistent and showing up every day. It’s about finding the balance with nutrition and exercise vs actually having a life you enjoy. If you struggle to stay motivated, then it’s best to have a trainer on your side. We can keep you moving towards your goal, so you’ll see the results you want to achieve.

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