Think You’ll Start Exercising Once You’ve Lost Weight? Here’s Why It Doesn’t Work

Ever found yourself saying ‘I’m going to work on my fitness… once I’ve lost x kilos’? You’re not alone. Every week people tell me that they will prioritise their exercise routine once they’ve dropped a dress size or achieved a specific weight loss goal.
It’s common for women to feel self-conscious about exercising when they don’t feel good in their own skin. But exercise is a tool that is there to help you along your health journey. It can be an important part of losing weight in a healthy manner, but it also supports your overall wellbeing.

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Why you don’t want to start exercising yet

The first thing to consider is – why are you avoiding physical activity if your goal is weight loss?
Are you afraid of being judged for your current state of health?
Are you worried that you won’t be able to do certain types of movement because of your size or current fitness level?
Are you concerned that you won’t be able to keep up in a gym class or group physical activity?
Get clear on your why behind it, so that you can figure out a way to flip that around.

You don’t need to be self-conscious

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until you lose weight. Physical activity is not something that needs to wait until you’ve reached a certain size or number on the scale. 
In fact, physical activity is a tool for you to use so that you can achieve your goals! Moving your body can help to build lean body mass that supports a healthy metabolism. It can encourage good mental health, which supports your confidence levels and helps you to feel good about yourself. 
Physical activity also supports your overall wellbeing and prevents numerous chronic health conditions. So if you want to be your healthiest and happiest self, exercise is a no-brainer!

How to build up your confidence to get moving
Is it time for you to start moving your body again?

Here are some tips to build up your confidence and start getting active.

Start small
One of the number one reasons that people fail to hit their fitness goals? They try to do all of the things, get overwhelmed, and give up! That’s why starting small is the best way to build healthy habits around movement.
What ‘small’ looks like depends on your current state of fitness and any injuries you might have. But it could be as simple as:

  • Going for a walk around the block each day

  • Heading to a weekly yoga class

  • Going for a 10 minute jog twice a week

  • Doing a 15 minute strength training session three times a week

Once you’ve established that small step as a habit, then you can add another day or make your session longer.

Get yourself something nice as motivation
Sometimes, a little bribery goes a long way! If you’re feeling apprehensive about getting into exercise, treating yourself to something to motivate you can be helpful.
For example, you might like to get yourself:

  • A new pair of runners in your favourite colour

  • Those new headphones you’ve been eyeing off

  • Comfy and cute sports bras to give that extra support

  • A smart watch to track your steps and movement

These types of items can support your fitness journey, but they can also give you that little confidence boost you need to get yourself moving again.
You can also use this as a motivator for after your workout is done. You might like to treat yourself to a massage if you tick off each of your exercise goals for a month, or pop $5 into a jar every time you head to the gym and buy yourself a new piece of activewear as a reward!

Work with a professional
Often, people are most afraid that their personal trainer will be the one judging them. But as a PT, I can tell you that we only want to judge one thing – how well a training program will support your goals and meet you where you’re at.
When you work with a PT, they will be watching you closely. But what we’re looking for is not something to judge – we are looking at your muscles and joints. We’re checking how your body responds to movement, if there are muscles that need some extra TLC, and if the program is likely to flare any known injuries or health concerns.
When you do work with a professional, communication is key. As a PT, it’s my job to create a program that is tailored to your goals, your needs and any barriers you might have to exercise.

If you are ready to make a change for the better, contact me to find out how you can work with me – online or in person!

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