Terms of Use

All activities and information provided by Body 4 Mind Connections is provided as a guide only.

This is a monthly membership and your participation is automatically renewed on a monthly or annual basis (based on your subscription selection) until you advise otherwise.

Payment policy:
Payment will automatically be deducted from your account monthly or annually (based on your subscription selection). If a payment is unable to be processed, a representative from Mum-Me Fit Time will make contact with you to discuss how you would like to proceed. Your membership may be cancelled after 7 days of the first failed payment if an agreement is not reached by both parties.

Cancellation:  Cancellations or refund requests must be made in writing and must be accompanied with relevant evidence to support your request (for example; a medical certificate). Other reasons for cancellation may be considered by management. Refunds will not be considered for weeks already completed or for course content already provided. Requests can be sent to mummefittime@gmail.com.

Physical Components of Membership
By participating in Mum-Me Fit Time programs you are agreeing that you are in good health and if you are participating in the physical components of the programs you are physically capable of doing so. 

If you are unsure about commencing exercise, it is strongly recommended that you seek medical clearance from your GP. The following tool can be used to assist you in determining whether it is appropriate for you to commence exercise. https://fitnessaustralia-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/uploaded_file/file/201/Australian-Adult-Pre-Exercise-Screening-Tool.pdf

If at any time during a workout you feel dizzy, nauseous, have chest pain or tightness, breathing difficulties or generally feel unwell, please stop the workout immediately and seek medical advice.

If you have given birth within the last 6 months, it is highly recommended that you seek clearance to exercise from a Womens Health Physiotherapist. You can still exercise, however some activities may need to be modified. Please contact Mum-Me Fit Time for alternative exercises. A guide for returning to exercise can be found here:


If you have any injury, are pregnant or have any other limitations to exercise, please contact Mum-Me Fit Time directly to discuss modifications to assist you to participate safely. 
All activities you undertake as part of a Mum-Me Fit Time program is done so at your own risk and by participating in a Mum-Me Fit Time program, you understand that Mum-Me Fit Time does not accept responsibility for any costs incurred as a result of injury. All reasonable steps are undertaken by Mum-Me Fit Time in providing you with correct and safe information.

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