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Online training is fantastic because it provides you with the flexibility to workout at a time that suits you and in a location that suits you. After our initial phone conversations to set up your training, all online training is delivered via an app, where you can log in and follow the prescribed workout. Every person is different, so when it comes to online training you have the choice of following a pre-recorded workout video or you can follow a workout plan. If choosing the later, the app includes demo videos of each individual exercise so that you can make sure you are doing each movement correctly. 

One of the great features with my online training programs is that each time you workout you ‘check in’ via the app. This sends me a notification and helps me to keep you accountable. If you train with me, I guarantee you won’t get lost in the crowd – I will contact you if I don’t see you ‘checking in’. In addition all online clients have an opportunity to join a fortnightly coaching call (via Zoom – similar to Skype) where we can discuss not only your exercise but other aspects of your health such as nutrition, mindset & stress reduction which will help you to reach your goals faster. 

Each program differs depending on what your goal is and what you are hoping to achieve. Some ladies simply want workouts only, other ladies what a more intensive program, while others prefer a holistic program where they can implement lifestyle changes over time. There is one thing that is common across every one of my programs though and that is accountability and personal connection. Let’s work together to find the program that will best suit you. Follow this link to book in a time to have a complimentary chat with me

Absolutely! Face to face training takes place in Sanctuary Point, Jervis Bay NSW. If you are not located in that area, don’t worry – online training is just as effective and is provided to you regardless of where you are located in the world! 

Every lady is different and this is why I take a personal approach to training you. Before you commence any program with me, I make sure that we have a good understanding of your goals. Your program is then catered towards those goals and if you commit to what I give you to do, then I am committed to seeing you achieve fantastic results that drive you closer towards achieving your goal. 

Payments can be upfront and made via direct deposit or paypal. Alternatively, you can choose to go on a payment plan with auto deductions through my direct debit company. I strive to keep payments flexible and we can work through the best option for you in our initial phone chat. 

No, we work with what you have! Workouts can be super effective utilizing the best weights you have – your body! Having said that, if you do have equipment or are a member of a gym and are choosing the online personal training program, then I will write workouts that incorporate the equipment available to you. Thinking about the face to face option? Well then you come to my private gym, which is filled with lots of fun equipment! 

This is dependent on the program you choose. If you are choosing a face to face program, you will be given set session times to choose from. If you are choosing an online option, well then the world is your oyster! Online is highly flexible and the app gives you the freedom to move your workouts to suit how your day or week is unfolding. 

Absolutely! This is why I take a personal approach with every lady I work with. While you think you are being difficult because you need modifications, I can guarantee you are not. We can find a way to help you achieve your goals regardless of what is happening with your body.
If you are pregnant or post-natal, you can rest easy with the knowledge that I am qualified in both pre and post-natal training too. 

I’ll be doing my very best to make sure you do like your program, but if you do find yourself in this situation, please contact me and we can discuss a way forward that works for both of us. 

Every lady I work with is invited to participate in a fortnightly coaching call via Zoom (similar to Skype) where we discuss not only your exercise but also other health aspects such as your nutrition and mindset. If there is something that needs further discussion outside of the coaching call, then I will work through this with you privately. 

You will also be added to a Facebook support group (members only – this is different to my free community support group).  This group ensures that not only can you get support from me, but also other ladies who are working with me. Why is this important? Sometimes you may have a question that someone else has also experienced, you might get inspired by others posts and achievements or you might just need a few friendly encouraging words from ladies travelling a similar journey to you. 

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