5 Ways To Work Out At Home When You’re A Busy Mum.

Can’t Work Out Without Getting Interrupted?

Here’s What To Do

Ever decided to smash out a home workout, only for the kids to interrupt? Or maybe they’re underfoot the second you roll out the yoga mat for some zen time?
You’re not alone! It’s rare for us mums to carve out a 60+ minute chunk of time to commit to exercising outside of the house. But at the same time, working out at home can have its drawbacks, especially if your kids and/or partner are at home.
Don’t worry. I’ve got some tips for making movement work for you.


Break it down
While it is great to aim for moving your body for 30-60 minutes a day, there’s no rule showing you need to do it all in one go! If you’re working around the family’s activities and struggling to find a big chunk of time, find a smaller one.
For example, you could:
·      Fit in a quick 15-minute bodyweight strength session in the morning before everyone is awake
·      Do a 10-minute HIIT session while the kids are eating lunch
·      Go for a 10-minute walk with the dog in the evening
If your goal is to get healthy and move your body more, this is just as beneficial. In fact, it may even be more beneficial, as you can go harder for short periods of time!

Include more physical activity as a family
Let’s face it – everyone in your family could do with more movement and probably more quality time together! So why not tick both boxes and get active as a family?
This depends on the age of your family members. But some ideas that you can try include:
·      Going for a walk or hike in a nearby nature reserve
·      Make your own obstacle course challenge in the backyard
The movement still counts if you’re not doing it alone – and it’s often more fun!


Engage in intentional incidental activity
Every little bit of movement adds up – even if you’re not focused on it. A lot of us do incidental exercise like walking up stairs or doing the shopping at the supermarket. But I like to take it one step further and do intentional incidental activity.
There are dozens of ways to do this every single day. You might:
·      Walk around the house while you’re on the phone to your best friend
·      Park in the furthest car park at the shopping centre
·      Hang out the washing instead of popping it into the dryer
It’s about intentionally taking advantage of that block of time where you can choose to move instead of being still.

Remember your why
I know. It’s so much easier to make an excuse to not move. To plop down and scroll through Facebook or Instagram until bedtime.
That’s why it’s important to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.
You’re not choosing to move because someone told you that you should. You’ve got a bigger why behind why you want to move your body more.
Do you want to:
·      Get fitter and stronger so you feel confident in your own body?
·      Have the energy to keep up with your kids at the playground?
·      Prevent (or manage) chronic illness, so that you can live long enough to chase your grandkids around?
·      Set the best example you can for your kids, so they take care of their own bodies?

That is your reason to get up and move, whenever you can.

Not sure about the best ways to move your body in a short amount of time? That’s where I can help you out! I specialise in creating online workouts for mums to suit their time, limitations and goals.

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