Why Working Out Isn’t Just About Weight Loss (Even If It’s A Nice Side Effect!)


Weight loss is the top reason that women start a workout regime – particularly mums. But in my books, although it can be a helpful tool for those want to lose weigh or improve their body composition, it’s not the most important benefit.

Let’s look at why mums should be incorporating regular exercise into their schedule.

6 Better Reasons To Work Out

A healthy libido

Is a little love-making the last thing on your mind? If your sex drive is missing in action, moving your body can help to bring it back.

There are a few links between exercise and libido. Movement boosts circulation and lymph flow, balances the hormones involved in arousal, and it can also boost your self-esteem. The effects are seen in both men and women, so everyone is a winner.

The even better news? If you tell your hubby the reason, he’s much more likely to make exercise a priority for both of you!

Manage stress effectively

The majority of mums are stressed, overwhelmed, constantly busy, and unable to switch their brains off. But while exercise can’t take half of your to-do list and do it for you, it can help you to cope with the load. 

Physical activity helps on a biological level by boosting feel-good endorphins up. On a mental level, it gives you the opportunity to physically release those frustrations. Many forms of exercise can also be meditative, giving your mind the space to process and problem-solve.

If you’re dealing with something like burnout or adrenal fatigue, it’s best to start with gentle movement. Even 10 minutes per day is a good starting point.

Boost your brainpower

Find your brain feeling fuzzy, unfocused, and all over the place? The perks of exercise aren’t just for your muscles – your brain also reaps the benefits. Moving your body increases circulation to the brain, feeding it the nutrients and oxygen it needs to work properly. 

You don’t need a huge 30-60 minute session to boost your brainpower. Even a walk around the block at lunchtime or even a 30 second stretch can be enough to wake your brain up and make you feel refreshed.

Get a good night sleep

Can’t remember the last time you slept through the night or woke up refreshed? The last thing you want to do when you’re exhausted is work out. But the research shows that it might be exactly what you need to get a good rest.

Exercise can help you sleep longer, get to sleep in a shorter period of time, and get a deeper night of rest. But if you struggle to get to sleep, the timing and intensity of your workouts need to be considered. 

The rule of thumb is to reduce your exercise intensity if it’s within about 3 hours of bedtime. So keep your intense sessions for morning, lunch or even early evening. If you can only exercise at night time, go for lower-intensity options.

Manage your pain

Pain conditions and chronic pain are more common than ever. You might have the odd niggle, some regular aches or a daily experience of pain – but no matter what your level of pain, exercise can help.

Research has found that exercising can:

Of course it’s important to get supervision and advice if you have a serious or chronic pain issue. Working with a personal trainer can help you to move safely and without flaring your specific concerns, as they can adapt movements based on your symptoms.

Prevent chronic conditions

What if you could do one thing every single day that could significantly reduce your risk of countless chronic conditions? Well you can – it’s physical activity.

Researchers have found that a lack of movement affects almost every single cell, organ and system in the body, leading to dysfunction and even premature death. But the upside is that regular physical activity can prevent chronic health concerns such as:

  • High blood pressure

  • Heart disease

  • Stroke

  • Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance

  • Some forms of cancer

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Obesity and metabolic disease

  • PCOS 

  • Premature death

The thing is that we can’t see or even measure this impact on your health. After all, it’s not like we can show a before-and-after of your future outcomes! But the research shows time and time again that regular movement is one of the best steps you can take to prevent future health issues.

Have you found one (or more) good reasons to get moving again? Make sure you have my 7 days of 5 minute workouts on hand to get you moving more. You can get your copy here: 7 Days of 5 Minute Workouts

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