Is It Normal To Be Exhausted And Unwell As A Mum?

Have you ever just shrugged your daily symptoms off as ‘part of motherhood’? As mums, we blame a lot on the experience of becoming a mother and managing a family. But there are many symptoms that mums think of as ‘normal’ that may actually be something else entirely.

Symptoms that may not just be ‘motherhood’

Have you ever just shrugged your daily symptoms off as ‘part of motherhood’? As mums, we blame a lot on the experience of becoming a mother and managing a family. But there are many symptoms that mums think of as ‘normal’ that may actally be something else entirely.

Chronic exhaustion

Yes, having kids can be exhausting, don’t get me wrong! But there’s a big difference between feeling exhausted when your kids are feral all day vs feeling exhausted before you’re even out of bed.

Chronic exhaustion can be due to a host of underlying causes including:

  • Nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin B12, iron, magnesium
  • Insufficient calorie intake
  • Dehydration
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Chronic stress and adrenal fatigue
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Blood sugar dysregulation and insulin resistance
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Depression or anxiety

Many of these can be a serious concern for your long-term health. But the good news is that once you identify the underlying causes, addressing them can help to boost your energy back up.

Pelvic floor issues

Another common concern that mums experience is pelvic floor issues – think leakage, urgency, difficulty going to the toilet, or even a prolapse. You might also experience discomfort or pain around the pelvic area or even painful sex.

This is common for women to go through, but it definitely is not a normal situation. Having children does not mean that you’re doomed to wear panty liners for life in case you cough, sneeze or laugh without bracing yourself! 

Working with a healthcare team who understands pelvic floor dysfunction can make a huge difference. There are ways to strengthen or correct the imbalance that is causing your issues. If you have concerns about your pelvic floor, I strongly recommend you see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist for a check. If you live in the Shoalhaven, my refer my clients to Vanessa at Balanced Physio & Pilates and Rebekah at Jervis Bay Physiotherapy.

Weight gain

Another myth I hear all the time is that slow weight gain or the inability to lose weight is part of being a mum, part of getting older, part of life.

Yes, pregnancy and motherhood can increase your risk of gaining weight – but it’s not inevitable. The experience of motherhood can hit your thyroid, adrenal glands, gut health and sex hormones, all of which can alter your metabolism and how you use energy in the body. 

In my books, the weight itself isn’t necessarily a big concern. After all, your body has undergone massive changes, and none of us should expect to have the same body we had at age 18! 

But what does concern me is that weight gain is more often a symptom of something that affects your entire body. Most causes behind creeping weight also increase your risk of chronic disease.

The important thing is to find out why you’re experiencing weight gain – not just writing it off as part of being a mum.

Low sex drive

Has it been forever since you’ve been in the mood? It’s a common myth that sex drive disappears when you get married and/or have kids. But because we hear it all the time, we think it’s normal.

Low sex drive can be due to overall low energy and chronic stress. But it can also be due to other concerns such as adrenal fatigue, depression, low progesterone/high oestrogen and even an underactive thyroid.

The good news? Exercise is a great way to boost up an idle libido. Even a quick 10-15 minute workout could get you feeling good again.

Feeling unable to cope

The most common thing that I hear from mums is that they feel unable to cope. Sometimes it comes alongside the above symptoms, and sometimes it’s stand-alone. 

But I want you to know – if you feel like you’re not coping, it doesn’t mean that you’re failing as a mother or that it means you’re not good enough! More often than not, this is a symptom of chronic stress and adrenal dysfunction. I go more into this in my blog post on Adrenal Fatigue.

The most important thing to take away is that you don’t have to settle for feeling crummy all the time. Your body was designed to work properly and feel good – yes, even as a mum! So if you’re feeling exhausted or suffering from ongoing symptoms, it’s time to find out why.

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