The Quick Fixes You Can Use To Transform Your Health In 2021

Are you looking for a quick fix that will get you amazing results for the new year? Maybe you’re
looking to drop some kilos or get super-fit in 2021?

When it comes to a ‘quick fix’, there are two main types. One focuses on short-term results at the
expense of long-term success and wellbeing. The other will give you a less dramatic transformation,
but set you up to achieve your goals and maintain your results.
The wrong kind of quick fix
First up, let’s touch on what we often think of as quick fixes or hacks to lose weight and get fit. I’m
talking about:
 Meal replacement shakes
 Detox diets (complete with supplements that make you poop!)
 1200 calorie diets
 Appetite suppressants
 21 day, 30 day or 6 week challenges that incorporate heaps of HIIT and intense exercise (but
then you go back to your usual habits after it’s done)

These quick fixes might give you a short-term result. But in most cases, you’ll end up back where you
started – or even worse off than when you first began!
These approaches can also lead to detrimental health effects long-term. You could end up with a
messed up gut, a sluggish metabolism or even adrenal fatigue.
That’s why I don’t recommend using this type of quick fix. Instead, I like to use quick changes and
habits that add up to long-term health.
Easy changes to feel amazing in 2021
Looking for quick hacks that will get you results quickly and stay well in the long run? Here are my
top habits to implement in the new year.

Reduce processed foods from your daily diet
The first simple step to take is to eat fewer processed foods and more wholefoods.

There’s a heap of reasons:
 Processed foods are lower in micronutrients needed to power the body and metabolism
 Lower fibre and protein content in processed foods mean you need to eat more to feel full
 Some of the ingredients in processed foods can be inflammatory (which is a serious concern
for your long-term health)
 Excess sugar and salt can lead to bloating and fluid retention
 Because wholefoods are less energy-dense, you get to eat more food overall!
Can you still have your favourite treats from time to time? Absolutely, because we’re all about
making sustainable change. But you want it to be an occasional treat that you have time to savour
and don’t feel guilty about!

Move your body to support a healthy body (and mind)
Of course I had to include this one! Movement is like a lifestyle multivitamin – it helps with just
about everything.
When it comes to weight loss, regular physical activity helps to increase your caloric deficit so you
can lose fat. It can also help to build up muscle which in turn boosts your metabolism.
Need more reason? It’s critical for maintaining mental health, optimising brain function, supporting
healthy sleep, managing stress levels and preventing countless chronic diseases. No matter what
your health goals are, physical activity will help you along that journey.

Reduce your cortisol levels
The main reason that mums end up storing fat around the belly area? It’s all thanks to your stress
hormone cortisol.
Cortisol is there to protect us from dangers like famine. But the downside is that it becomes almost
impossible to shift body fat. Cortisol prioritises fat storage around the belly to protect the organs,
but this can contribute to long-term chronic disease.
The solution? Find ways to manage your stress effectively. Everyone is different, but you might
 Relaxing forms of movement such as walking, yoga or Pilates
 Hobbies such as arts and crafts or gardening
 Scheduling a day (or even a few hours) to spend on yourself every month
 Mindfulness and meditation
 Spending time with friends
 Cuddling a loved one or a pet
 Intimacy with your partner or yourself (you heard it here, an orgasm is fantastic for stress
 Getting out into fresh air, sunshine and nature
If you can find something to do daily, that will be a huge help. But even if you just do something
once or twice a week, it’s a good starting point.

Boost up your water intake
It’s simple and you hear it all the time – but there’s a reason for it! Drinking plenty of water will:
 Help increase your satiety (aka reduce the chance of you eating the entire contents of the
fridge when you get home)
 Clear fluid retention and reduce bloating
 Improve your skin health
 Boost your energy levels
 Support your brain function
 Encourage healthy digestion and detoxification
 Help you sleep better
So really, if you want to improve any aspect of your health – water is your first step. If you’re not a
big water drinker, start by adding in 1-2 cups per day for a week. Work your way up to 2-4L per day – the right amount depends on your body, your physical activity and your needs.
Not a big fan of water? Try herbal tea or infusing your water with fruit.

One bonus tip? Add some accountability in when it comes to your health goals. That way, you’re
more likely to stick to them, and you’ll have someone to support you when times are tough.

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