Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy (without Coffee!)

Some days (ok, many days), being a mum is exhausting. You have so much to do and only so much time to do it. So it’s not surprising that a lot of mums reach for coffee throughout the day.

Don’t get me wrong – coffee in moderation is perfectly fine. But if you’re looking for ways to kickstart your energy without relying solely on caffeine, this is my top tips.


Move Your Body

Funny how this is a personal trainer’s first energy booster! I often hear people say that they are too tired to exercise. But it’s usually the other way round – lack of exercise has made them more fatigued.

Unless you are physically exhausted and your muscles are too weak and heavy to move, there’s a good chance moving your body will help. Exercise of any form can boost blood flow through the body and to the brain. Even small doses is a good start.

If you’ve got even 5 minutes, try:

  • Doing a full-body stretch – stretch your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your back, your legs and your feet.

  • Going for a walk around the block. Bonus points if you can do a lap around a local park and pat some dogs!

  • Busting out some quick on-the-spot bodyweight exercises. Do 20 jumping jacks, 20 bodyweight squats and 20 arm punches.

  • A 10-minute dance-fitness workout with me. Click HERE to join me for some fun!


Drink More Water

Very few people drink enough water every single day. But even mild dehydration of 2% can affect your concentration, alertness, short-term memory and overall brain function. So if you’re not drinking plenty of water, you’re sabotaging your energy.

Instead of going from 500ml to 2.5L in one day, start small. Every time you think ‘Gosh, I’m so tired’ – go and have one cup of water. Then give yourself an hour, and see what happens.

Not a fan of drinking water? You can have herbal tea, water infused with fruit, or even increase your water-rich fruit and veggies.

Focus On Low GI Meals And SnacksThink of your energy levels as a campfire. If you just keep putting small pieces of kindling on, you’ll have to keep adding it constantly. But if you get a big log burning, it can go for hours.In this case, kindling i…

Focus On Low GI Meals And Snacks

Think of your energy levels as a campfire. If you just keep putting small pieces of kindling on, you’ll have to keep adding it constantly. But if you get a big log burning, it can go for hours.

In this case, kindling is simple and processed carbohydrate sources – think white bread, white pasta, white rice, cereal, lollies, milk chocolate, and so on. But the big logs are foods that are high in fibre, fat and/or protein.

Every meal and snack you eat needs to have a focus on the long-burning fuel sources. If you snack on a banana, slice it up and spread nut butter over it. Choose wholemeal grain options instead of the processed ones for a higher-fibre meal. And wherever you can, add an extra serve of veggies in!


Take A Break

Sometimes, the best way to regain energy is to rest or take a break of some kind. Even 10 minutes can be enough to reset your brain. 

And no, scrolling through Facebook isn’t what I’m talking about! To rest your brain and reboot your energy, you want something that will take your focus away from everything you’re stressing about.

My favourite ways to take a break are: 

  • Move my body gently

  • Meditation

  • Having a nap

  • Closing the door on the family and just doing nothing!

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