Why You Don’t Have To Get Back To Your Pre-Baby Body

As soon as we hit the new year, the resolutions begin. 2020 will be the year that you finally lose the weight, change your life and get back to your pre-baby body.
You might lose weight this year. You might change your life. But do I think mums should have to aim to get back to the body they had before they had kids? Not at all.

Why do you want your pre-baby body back?

Whenever I work with clients on their goals, I will always ask them why. So I’ll ask you now: why do you want to get back to your pre-baby body?
The real answer will never be something that requires that pre-baby body. It often comes back to ‘I want to feel more confident’ or ‘I want to feel attractive again’ or even ‘I want to be able to keep up with my kids when they’re running around’.
All of these whys are not about how you look. They come back to the things you really want in life. There’s more than one way to achieve those types of goals!
In some cases, it will come back to trying to solve health issues with exercise or dieting. If you want to feel healthier and address any health concerns, taking a bigger picture approach is key. You want to look at your nutrition and exercise, but also your sleep, your stress levels and your mindset.

You are more than just a body!

Women across the globe are looking into the mirror right now. All that they see is the flaws – the wobbly bits, the cellulite, the wrinkles and the stretch marks.
You have a body, but you are not just your body. It’s just one part of what you have to share with the world. On top of that, how your body looks is only one piece of the body puzzle. In my books, your body’s ability to function and heal is far more important.
What’s more important to you – looking a certain way or being healthy?

This photo of me is at my strongest. I’m just about to squat 50kg. This is my post baby body (3yrs post infact) but I’m certainly stronger and healthier than ever before!

Squatting 50kg.jpg

Looking fit or slim doesn’t automatically mean that you’re healthy. Strict dieting can lead to nutritional deficiencies, a loss of the menstrual cycle and even put you at risk of osteoporosis! Is it worth looking that way if it comes with those types of consequences?
Would you rather rock your pre-baby body or spend time with your kids every day?
The celebrities who ‘bounce back’ after pregnancy will have a genetic component, but often they will be putting hours in at the gym every day and getting their food prepped for them. If you can’t afford a chef and a full-time personal trainer, getting back to your pre-baby body will probably mean sacrificing time with your family.

Take the pressure off yourself

When it comes to motherhood, we are surrounded by pressure. Social media has escalated this pressure even further, with Instagram influencers rocking 6 pack abs mere months after having a baby.
You can’t change how society views motherhood and body image. But you can choose to take the pressure off yourself and tell yourself that it’s ok to have the body you have right now. The world would be a better place if mums could embrace the body they already have and go from there!
You can still choose to work on it through nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. But focus on improving it from where it is right now, rather than trying to get back to where it was years ago.
It’s time to let go of the expectations and embrace the body you’re in right now. At the end of the day, your body allows you to raise your family and live your life – and that’s the most important thing.

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