Why I Gave Up On My Pre-Baby Body Goals (And You Should Too!)

Are you struggling to get to your pre-baby body? You’re not alone. Millions of new mums across the world are set on getting back to how they were before having their little ones.

The problem is that your body is not the same. For many, it is unfeasible to get back to a pre-baby body. But the good news is that there are ways you can work towards being healthier, happier and stronger without having to go after that unattainable goal.

What society expects a new mum to do
We’ve all seen what happens when a celebrity or social media influencer gets pregnant:
They continue to work out and follow whatever healthy eating plan they preach about for the entire pregnancy and often don’t gain much weight
They kick off a hardcore pre-baby body effort the second that they’re home from the hospital
Within mere months of giving birth, they have shredded abs and waltz around in activewear and bikinis!

Now, there is nothing wrong with someone who does seem to ‘bounce back’ – especially if it’s part of their job to stay fit. But the big problem is that this is not something that everyone can achieve!
Even the old saying of ‘nine months on, nine months off’ is unrealistic, because everyone has a different experience. Expecting every single mum to get back to this ‘pre-baby body’ within a specific period of time is frankly ludicrous. All it does is put more pressure on someone who already has more than enough on their plate!

Why you don’t need to get your pre-body back overnight (or at all)
There are 5 main reasons why I advocate for mums to ditch the pre-baby body goal.


You have new responsibilities
Unless you have multiple staff members to pitch in, your time post-baby is not as free. You’re now responsible for keeping one (or more) little human alive every single day! This does mean that you have less time to focus on yourself.
Although this is a big issue for brand-new mums, it’s true for every stage of a child’s life. Challenges will arise that will prevent you from solely focusing on yourself.
So although you do need to find little chunks of time to take care of your health, you can’t just drop everything and hit the gym when you feel like it!

Your body is recalibrating after pregnancy and birth
Pregnancy and birth have some major physiological effects on your body. Once you’ve had your baby, it takes time for your body to find its equilibrium again. This includes balancing out your hormones, finding your new centre of balance and adjusting to reduced demand from your uterus.
Your metabolism has changed, along with your needs
Another thing that changes during pregnancy and lactation is your metabolism. This is because you’re physiologically responsible for keeping that little human alive as well as morally! Once your bubba is born, your metabolism drops down. Sometimes it will drop lower than pre-pregnancy because you may have lost some muscle mass during the pregnancy. So regaining your ‘pre-baby’ physique is often not as easy as working out and eating how you did before pregnancy.
You might have heard that breastfeeding melts the kilos off. Although this is true for some women, it isn’t the case for others. This is another reason why some women lose weight after birth quite easily, and others struggle.

You’re dealing with stress and exhaustion
If you’re a new mum, I can almost guarantee that you’re constantly stressing and feel exhausted 24/7. But did you know that low energy levels and high stress can actually hinder weight loss?
When we’re stressed or fatigued, we produce a hormone called cortisol. Too much cortisol causes your body to cling to body fat, especially around the abdomen and internal organs. It also can sabotage your metabolism.
Unfortunately, we can’t just magic the stress and fatigue away within a few months of birth. It’s a longer-term goal to reduce these factors – not just for your weight, but for your overall wellbeing.
You have more important goals to focus on now
This is the most important one, in my eyes. We no longer live solely to please ourselves. Instead, we have goals that allow us to be the best parent we can be.
What this means is different for every mum. But for example,

It could mean:
Having the energy to run around at the park with the kids
Setting a good example of a healthy relationship with food
Preventing chronic disease so that you can be there to see your grandkids grow up
Raising kids that have healthy self-esteem and body image

These new goals have nothing to do with you having a pre-baby body or weighing a certain amount. What they do require is for you to be a healthy and happy version of yourself.

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