Can You Lose Weight From Your Trouble Spot?

Do you want to lose weight from that one trouble spot on your body? The one that bugs you every
time you see it?

If I had a dollar for every client who wanted to just work on reducing their tummy, back, or butt, I
could retire from the business! That’s why I thought I’d explain the science behind spot-reducing, and
share some tips to help you achieve your goals.
Truth bomb: you can’t lose weight from one spot of your body
There is no magical exercise, fad diet or superfood pill that can force you to lose weight off one
particular area of the body. The body will pull energy from all over the body when it’s in enough of a
deficit to induce weight loss.

Where you lose weight from first depends on your individual genetics. Some women will lose weight
off their waist, some off their arms, and come straight off the boobs!
The good news: you can improve the appearance of a particular area!
The best approach to weight loss of a particular spot is to focus on general weight loss – that means
exercise that uses big muscle groups and contributes to a calorie deficit.
But if you’re unhappy with one area of the body, there is still something you can do. You can choose
to focus on improving how that problem area looks!
By building muscle in the area, you can improve the appearance. Because muscle is more compact
than fat, it tends to be more visually appealing. Plus building muscle also builds up your metabolism,
which means you can eat a little extra and still hit your weight loss goals!
Weight loss is more than just exercise
You can’t exercise your way to weight loss. Weight loss is a much more complex mechanism that
requires several pillars to be in place.

To lose weight successfully, you need to:

  • Eat-in a calorie deficit – this doesn’t mean 1200 calories, it simply means eating a little less than

what your body naturally burns through in a day. It’s also preferable for you to focus on eating
wholefoods, as they contain the nutrients your body needs to lose weight.

  • Get a good amount of sleep – if you’re not sleeping properly, your body is going to struggle to

release extra weight. This is often the factor that mums with young bubs struggle with, because they
have broken sleep that sabotages their weight loss efforts. You want to be getting enough sleep, but
you also want it to be good-quality sleep that makes you feel rested!

  • Manage your stress levels – stress hormones have a massive influence on your metabolism,

particularly your thyroid. If you’re struggling to control stress, you may find the weight piles on around
your tummy. Find a way to manage your stress that works for you.

  • Move your body – weight loss doesn’t necessarily require formal exercise. But you do need to be

moving your body on a regular basis – to increase your deficit and contribute to weight loss, build
your metabolism up and support your mental wellbeing.

If you put all of these pillars into place, you’ll find it much easier to find your happy weight. Plus
you’ll be healthier and happier overall – which is what we all want to be!
Looking for the best way to incorporate all these pillars into your life?


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