6 New Years Goals That Aren’t About Losing Weight

Giving up on your new year’s resolutions? You’re not alone. Many of us promise ourselves that this year is THE year to lose weight, quit smoking, work out daily, and so on. But few make it past the first 3 weeks.

I think it’s important to set yourself health goals on a regular basis, and January is a great time to make some new ones. But instead of focusing on losing a certain amount of weight, why not try a goal that is focused on long-term wellbeing?

Goal: Walk 10,000 Steps Per Day

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t need to be about hitting the gym for an hour every day. The more you can incorporate movement into your daily routine, the better! One way to track this is to aim for 10,000 steps per day.

10,000 steps per day is around 8km, or 1 hour and 40 minutes, depending on your stride. This might seem like a lot, but little amounts add up quickly. Here are some tips to get your count up:

  • Go for a 5-10 minute walk each day

  • Make the most of incidental exercise such as grocery shopping

  • Head to the park with the kids and play a game of tag

  • Check the letterbox every day

  • Use your TV ad breaks to go and do something around the house, such as getting a glass of water or popping a dish in the sink

  • If the weather allows, walk your little ones to sleep instead of a drive

  • If you’re at your child’s activity or sport, go for a walk around the oval instead of sitting and watching

  • Take the kids for a ride on their bikes around the neighbourhood

  • Go for a family walk after dinner – take the dog if you have one!

Even including just a few of these will get your step count up without needing to go for a massive long walk!

Water fights are a great way to get your steps up!


Goal: Get A Full Health Check-up

It’s important to get regular check-ups with your healthcare providers. So why not make it one of your new year goals?

Get yourself booked in for an appointment with your:

  • GP

  • Dentist

  • Personal trainer

  • Physical therapist (physio, osteopath, chiropractor, myotherapist)

  • Complementary practitioners of choice (naturopath, acupuncturist or whoever you see)

  • Any specialists you need (optometrist, podiatrist, medical specialists)

Even if you don’t see all of your healthcare providers in the first month or two, you can book the appointments over a period of a few months. That way, you always have someone checking in on how you’re doing.

Goal: Drink An Extra 500ml Of Water Daily

Very few people drink enough water to stay at optimal hydration on a daily basis. Once you add in exercise and hot weather, it can be a struggle. So why not start small, and add two cups of water, or 500ml, to your current intake.

Find a way to fit this into your current routine. Maybe you can drink a glass of water when you get up to put the kettle on. Or you could add it to your night-time routine, with a cup of water before you brush your teeth.

Goal: Add A Serve Of Veggies Each Day

Vegetables are filling and full of essential nutrients. It can be hard to hit the ideal 5 serves every day. So start with adding just one extra serve each day. This could be as easy as:

  • Adding mushrooms to a morning omelette

  • A handful of spinach or a few slices of avocado in a smoothie

  • Some carrot and celery sticks with dip as a snack

  • A side salad on the table at dinner time


Celery sticks with tomato salsa are a yummy snack to increase your veggie consumption.

Goal: Schedule One Exercise Session Per Week 

Although it’s great to exercise 3 or more times each week, it can be hard to schedule around the rest of the family commitments. So instead of aiming for 3-4 sessions and having to cancel them, schedule just one exercise session each week.

Do not reschedule it unless it’s a genuine emergency! Setting aside just one hour of your week to focus on your own health and wellbeing isn’t just good for you, but for the whole family.

Goal: Complete A Fitness Challenge Or Course

Are you someone who loves a challenge? There are plenty of fitness challenges and courses that run throughout the year. Whether you want to try an obstacle course, a fun run or a structured fitness challenge, there’s something to suit your lifestyle and goals.

By taking part in these, you have more fun, and you’re accountable to something other than yourself.

By taking part in these, you have more fun, and you’re accountable to something other than yourself.

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