How To Set Goals You Can Smash

By this time of year, many people have given up on their resolutions. Some will just repeat the same process next year, but you want to make a real difference to your health this year. So how can you set goals that are actually achievable? Here are some tips for realistic goal-setting.

What type of goal setter are you?

There tends to be two types of people when it comes to goals. One will feel really inspired by setting big goals and stretch themselves to achieve them. But others will feel crushed if they fall short of a goal, and are better off setting smaller, more frequent goals.

Say you want to run a 10K race. If you’ve never run before but you want to push yourself, you might sign up for a 10K race in 6 months’ time. But if you’re someone who can’t bear failing at a goal, you might start with a 5K race in 6 months’ time, then work up to the 10K race in another 6 months. 

What type of goal setter are you?

What type of goal setter are you?

Dive deep into your why

Whenever I’m goal-setting with a personal training client, we talk about why a lot. But it isn’t one simple question. We really need to get to the bottom of why you want to do something.

For example, say you want to work out 3 times per week. That’s your goal.

So I ask you why. You say you want to be healthier.

I ask you why you want to feel healthier. You tell me it’s because you’re always exhausted.

And we keep going until we get to the root of why you feel how you feel. From there, we can look at how to switch that so you feel what you want to. 

Working out 3 times each week will probably get you well on the way to feeling healthier and less exhausted, so that’s a strong reason for sticking to it. Every time you have a bad day or just don’t feel like it, you can remind yourself how exercise is going to support you feeling how you want to feel.

Why did you choose that goal?

Why did you choose that goal?

Why did you choose that goal?

Put a timeframe on it

Have you always promised yourself that you’ll lose the stubborn weight or start putting your health first – but never done it? Most people trip up because they make these goals, but never put a deadline on it. Or maybe you say ‘I’ll do it in 3 months when things settle down’ – and then they don’t settle, so you throw another 3 months at it.

So when you set a goal, put a date on it. You can even write it down and schedule it in your diary. 

That being said – as a mum, life happens. Kids get sick, partners go away with work, and circumstances change. So you do want a bit of a buffer into your timeframe. If you know you can achieve a goal in 6 months if everything goes to plan, set the date for 9 months away just to be same! 

Break it down

If you want to transform your health, but are feeling overwhelmed, break every goal right down. That way, you can take action from day 1.

Maybe you want to walk at least 10,000 steps each day. That’s around 8km for the average person. If you’re not regularly moving your body, that might sound like a massive goal!

So break it down into goals of 2500. Go for 2500 steps or more every day for one week. Then up it to 5000 for two weeks. Then 7500 for three weeks. Finally, go for the 10,000 step mark.

The same goes for the time it takes. Working out for 3 hours a week might seem impossible with your current schedule – you barely get a toilet break to yourself! So all you do is find chunks of 10 minutes throughout the day. If you find 3 chunks every day for 6 days, you’re hitting your exercise goal!


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