What Is Really Holding You Back From Your Health Goals?

There are so many factors that can make or break your health goals. But in my experience, there is one main factor that will hold you back from smashing your goals.

Psst – it probably isn’t what you think!

I know what you might be thinking.

“If I could just find the perfect diet, then I’ll reach my dream weight and everything will be fine.”

Or maybe it’s:

“I just need to go to yoga 3 times a week and hit the gym twice a week, and then I’ll feel amazing and energised and make good food choices.”

As a mum, I’m sure you’ve said this one at least 5 times before:

“I’m just so busy. Once the little one is in school/the kids have settled in after the move/my teenager gets her licence, I’ll have the time to work out and cook healthy meals.”


Don’t get me wrong. All of those might help. Finding a way of eating that suits you, a workout schedule that fits your lifestyle and having more free time can make it easier to achieve any health goal you have.

But there is one vital factor missing that could still see you fail, even if you have all of the others in place.

The missing piece – Accountability!

As humans, we are pretty good at setting lofty goals. But if we’re the only ones who know about those goals, it’s easy to let them slip. Eventually, you’ll just forget that goal altogether – it’s like it never existed.

But when you are held accountable after setting a goal, your fantastic excuses for why you can’t do it flop. Instead of looking at what can hold you back, you look for solutions. 

The research agrees. Studies have shown that having a buddy to exercise with encourages regular exercise. There are similar findings when it comes to sticking to healthy eating and achieving weight loss as well.

How to be more accountable

So how can you be more accountable when it comes to your health goals? Here are 3 easy ways to stay on track with your health goals by incorporating accountability.

Team up with a friend 

Nobody likes being a no-show for their friends! If you’re meeting someone for a coffee at 8, you’re not going to slide in at 9.30 or even cancel it on a whim. You’ll show up. 

So why not use the same idea for your workouts? If your friend is at the same gym, make a weekly date for your favourite class. Or if you’re both at home with little ones, set a regular meetup and go for a brisk walk and chat around the local football oval or shopping centre.

Ask someone to keep you accountableDon’t have any friends who are working on their healthy eating or exercise habits? You can still get a friend involved without them coming along with you. Simply set your goal, share it with your buddy, and ask the…

Ask someone to keep you accountable

Don’t have any friends who are working on their healthy eating or exercise habits? You can still get a friend involved without them coming along with you. Simply set your goal, share it with your buddy, and ask them if you can check in with them regularly.

Once you’ve done that, make sure you check in, even if you don’t hit every milestone. It’s great to have someone there to celebrate with and impress, but it’s also good to have someone ask ‘why’ when you stumble. Who knows – you might even inspire them to make a change and get on board!

Get a professional on board

Health professionals like personal trainers and nutritionists aren’t just there to tell you what to do. As a PT, keeping you accountable is just as important as the training program, if not more so!

I’m there to give you a pat on the back when you do a good job. But I can also support you and troubleshoot things if you keep missing your sessions or struggling with time and motivation to complete your workouts.

If you know you are the type of person who benefits from having someone there to keep you accountable, challenge you and provide the workouts for you (so you don’t have to think), then contact me to have a chat.

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