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Episode #17 Mother. Career. Teacher. Wife… all before 10am!

Are you working from home now and finding it harder to focus OR turn off?

Have you been thrown into the new role of educator, and career woman (as well as mother & housekeeper). Do you feel uncertain about how to ‘get everything done’ efficiently? Life really has flipped on us, I don’t need to tell you that.

Hi, I’m Nikki and I get it. I’ve worked from home for years now in my corporate role, I have two young boys and I’m also a personal trainer. (Plus I was also a school teacher in a former life). Now my hubby is also working from home, so while we are one of the ‘lucky ones’, life certainly is chaotic… Join me on this podcast to help you avoid mental overload. I’ll share with you the tips that I currently share with my health coaching clients to help you create calm and maintain some kind of work/life balance in the current situation.
Rest assured, it’s not about being perfect.


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